Grading & Racing

Greyhound Racing SA is mindful of the great importance of having a Grading System that is fair to both Owners and Trainers and provides a consistent balance to our race programs at each meeting.  

Below you can find Order of Choice, Time-Based Grading reports and trial results for upcoming race meetings.



As part of GRSA’s commitment to long-term animal welfare solutions, the Racing Department is continuing to investigate options to provide ongoing racing opportunities for greyhounds of all abilities.

This commitment has seen the introduction of Pathway Racing to the SA racing schedule over the past year, an initiative that continues to evolve.

The next logical step in the evolution of the grading system is to provide a framework that analyses a greyhound’s true ability (speed or time) and places them accordingly. The recent visit by leading Irish trainer Dolores Ruth provided insight into the benefits of time-based grading (which is used in Ireland and the UK) and how it can be used successfully in Australia.

The following documents explain the methodology to be used by the Racing Department in grading the meeting. 



Pathway Racing

In acknowledgement of the need that exists within greyhound racing to accommodate all levels of greyhounds with the opportunity to compete, Greyhound Racing SA (GRSA) provides lower-grade racing for greyhounds with a recent racing form which falls outside an identified time standard.  This initiative is called “Pathway Racing” and is part of a broader review of industry strategy which places animal welfare outcomes as its focus.

Pathway Racing Time Standards

The GRSA Racing Department wishes to advise of the Pathway Racing time standards, which took effect on Friday 13th August 2019:

Track Distance Pathway Time Standard
Angle Park 342m 19.91
  388m 22.65
  515m 30.32
  530m 30.96
  595m 34.95
  600m 35.62
  730m 43.87
  731m 43.91
Murray Bridge 300m 16.85
  350m 19.24
  395m 22.70
  455m 25.99
  530m 30.47
  680m 39.57
Gawler 400m 23.17
  531m 31.49
  643m 38.38
Mount Gambier 305m 17.99
  400m 23.52
  512m 30.34
  600m 35.90
  732m 44.84

The methodology for establishing the Pathway Racing time standards is based on the average winning time in Grade 5 & 6 events at each track/distance.


Stakemoney Schedule (As of 1st July 2021)

Pathway & Time Graded
Mount Gambier Thursday and as Programmed at Other Tracks

Grade Total 1st 2nd 3rd 4th Unplace
Maiden $850 $465 $160 $130 $105 $50
Grade 6, 1-4 Win Events $890 $485 $165 $135 $110 $50
Grade 5, 5+ Win Events $930 $510 $175 $140 $115 $50


Refer to the conditions of Pathway Racing eligibility below.

  • Pathway Racing events will only be for Maiden, Grade 6 and Grade 5 greyhounds at the track

  • Greyhounds must have started in South Australia on four occasions to be eligible for these races (First starters and greyhounds with one, two or three starts will not be considered for these events)

  • Greyhounds must not have run faster than the time standards stated above in their past four starts.

  • The GRP advised to achieve a balance between participation and form for Pathway Racing that the Grader will include a maximum of 2 greyhounds per trainer based on form per race and then may only include the third dog if there are insufficient eligible greyhounds.

  • Fields will be selected from worst form to best form in the opinion of the Grader. The Order of Preference is not to be used for Pathway Racing

  • Grade 6 and Grade 5 Pathway races will carry no penalty however where Grade 6 greyhounds compete in Grade 5 events and are successful they will become a Grade 5 at the track and ineligible for Grade 6 events at the track. (Normal rules apply for Maiden events)

  • Races will be graded on race wins where possible

  • Guarding will occur where possible



All eligible greyhounds will be drawn into Pathway races unless ‘NO PATHWAY’ has been stipulated on the nomination.

Further Information
Shaun Mathieson

Racing Manager
(08) 8243 7100

Grading Review Panel

To help us achieve our goals GRSA in August 2001 established a Grading Review Panel to aid the Industry in monitoring the Grading process. The Panel currently meet 3 to 4 times per year, current as of 1/7/24 members of the panel are:


  • Shaun Mathieson (Racing Manager – GRSA)
  • Greg Barber (Grader – GRSA)
  • Ben Rawlings (Industry Member)
  • Bosco Stamenkovic (Industry Member)

Grading in SA is based on the Grading Guidelines and City and Country Order of Preference. The Grading Review Panel continues to review these and other issues. Industry participants are encouraged to make submissions on grading issues for the panel to discuss.

Grading Review Panel Meeting Minutes

Friday, 23rd February 2024

Friday, 2nd June 2023

Friday, 25th November 2022

Friday, 8th April 2022