Report Suspicious Behaviour

To report suspicious behaviour, greyhound welfare or integrity concerns, please call or email GRSA. If you have any videos, pictures, or other recordings (in any format) you can also include them.

To report a crime anonymously to the police, please contact CrimeStoppers on 1800 333 000 or use the Crime Stoppers online service at Email us at [email protected] (please note we will receive your email address if you send an email).



What We Do With Your Report

We are committed to best practices in greyhound care and integrity, and your concerns are important to us. To investigate your concerns as best we can, we appreciate a way to contact you for further information. However, you can elect not to fill out your details and just submit your concern (but please note we will not be able to update you).

If you provide your details, we will keep them confidential (including not publishing them), unless we obtain from you your permission to refer to you in a formal Inquiry. If we obtain your details and, ultimately, publish an Inquiry determination, we will omit your details from the public record.

In some instances (for example, criminal offences), we may refer your report to the RSPCA or the police, depending on the type of behaviour you report.

Greyhound Racing SA encourages anyone with a concern about greyhound welfare to let us know.

For further help, contact the Risk and Compliance Manager, or the Chief Steward, on 08 8243 7100.