Angle Park Preview - 11th July 2024

Racing News


Tonight’s we have a 12 event program with two heats of the 2024 SA Champion Puppy, Races 3 and 4 being amongst the highlights. The Shima Shine / Dakota Roxy litter feature in both heats and if all goes well should feature in next weeks Final. As always all races are Trifecta and First Four betting and have a crack at race 1 and 8 if you like having a First Four as they look pretty open for the multiples the way the box draw has turned out.

Race 1  - 3,5,7,6
Race  2 -  7,1,4,5
Race  3 - 8,5,2,4
Race  4 - 8,6,3,2
Race 5 - 7,2,3,1
Race  6 -  3,4,1,8
Race  7 -  1,3,4,7
Race 8 - 6,2,3,1
Race  9 - 2,6,1,4
Race  10 -  6,5,4,7
Race  11 - 8,6,1,2
Race  12 -  1,8,2,5

Best Bets
Race 5 No 7 - Springvale Rita
Race  8 No 6 -Majestic McLaren
Race  10 No 6 - Euler Bale

Best Each Way
Race 6 No 4 - Mia Mighty

Next week's Angle Park Thursday meeting features -

$14,275 2024 SA Champion Puppy Final – 530m (For greyhounds whelped on or after 1st July 2022. Unraced Maidens are ineligible. N/P. Heats 11/7/24)
$4,420 Heats Mixed Masters Feature – 530m (For greyhounds 3¾yo or over at time of nom - must have raced previous 6 months or qualy trialled in that time. 4yo and higher will have preference. Masters conditions apply. N/P. $5,810 Final 25/7/24)
$2,100 Heats Fastest Forward (1-6 wins) – 530m ($3,680 Final Thursday 25/7/24. Selected from Worst to Best of this category. Final field will be an 8-dog field plus reserves, comprising of the greyhounds running the fastest times in the Heats, regardless of their finishing position in those Heats. Trainer can only have 2 runners per Heat however may have more if insufficient nominations. N/P. Trainers MUST nominate Time Graded Heats to be considered. 
$4,420 Mixed 6/5 Bitches Only – 595m
$2,785 Open Maiden – 530m
$6,315 Open-595m (all greyhounds considered.G5 must advise if do not want a start)
$3,860 SA Bred Grade 6 – 530m
$7,140 Free For All – 730m 
* Nominations close Monday 15th July with GRSA at 9.00am.


The Boy from the Bush gives his selections for tonight’s super night of racing at Angle Park tonight -
First 4 selections -
Race 1 -
Race 2 - 7,1,5,4
Race 3 - 8,2,1,5
Race 4 - 8,6,2,3
Race 5 - 2,6,1,7
Race 6 - 7,4,1,3
Race 7 - 1,4,3,2 
Race 8 - 2,3,1,6
Race 9 - 2,1,6,4
Race 10 -6,8,4,5
Race 11- 4,8,6,1
Race 12 -1,8,5,7
Best Bets: Race 1 No 3 Boom Boom Jinx
Best Bets: Race 5 No 2 West On Muffin
Best Eachway: Race 6 No 7 Blazing Gold

Trainers are reminded that Rule 25 (Minimum Vaccination Requirements) took effect Monday, 1stMay, 2023. Vaccination Certificates must be received by GRSA prior to close of nominations for affected greyhounds to be considered eligible for nominating. It is also imperative that once the greyhound has been vaccinated the paperwork is lodged by yourself as soon as possible. Trainers are also reminded that they must not have their greyhound vaccinated within 5 days of racing. Should this occur, the greyhound will be scratched from its engagement or if paperwork lodged after an engagement and discovered the greyhound raced inside the 5 days then the matter will be referred to the stewards.


There are two $5,810 heats of the 2024 SA Champion Puppy series run tonight at Angle Park, they are races 3 and 4 on the program and are for greyhounds whelped on or after 1st July 2022. 
The first heat features kennel mates Jabuk and Apilla for Damien Smith doing battle with Dakota Ava for Colin Simes and Scary Eyes for Cameron Forshaw. The second heat features Gawler Produce winner Zinfandel Trace up against the likes of Josie Dakota for Colin Simes and Dakota Rylen for Kerry Stagg for a spot in the final next week.
The first four from each heat will qualify for next Thursdays $14,275 Champion Puppy final with the box draw to be conducted oncourse tonight after the running of race 5.

We have two heats the Exchange Printers Anniversary Cup this Sunday which are races 9 and 10 and features the likes of Lektra Tony, Purified and Wild Banker in heat 1 and Wild Star, Federal Flash and Top Cadillac in heat 2. The first four from each heat will qualify for next Sunday’s $8,000 final.
We also have two heats John Reid Maiden over the 512m which are races 2 and 3 on the program. The first four from each heat will qualify for next Sundays final which will be an 8 dog event due to added prizemoney for this event.
Next Sunday, July 23, the club will run the $8,000 Exchange Printers Anniversary Cup Final over the 512m which should be an excellent race after the heats this Sunday. The $3,000 John Reid Memorial Maiden Final over 512m will also be a terrific feature and will mark the 20th running of this event. The club have also programmed the $4,500 Eric Lewis Memorial Feature Open over the 732m along with other events. 
•    Nominations for the final meeting close with GRSA at 9am on Tuesday 16th July

There will also be a low grade series in late July at Angle Park for Mixed Masters over the 530m with $4,420 Heats on Thursday, 18th July with the $5,810 Final on Thursday, 25th July.
• Nominations for the Heats close Monday, 15th July at 9.00am.

The first part of the series for the Classic 2024 eligible greyhounds will be the Gawler Classic Heats over 400m which will be run on Wednesday, 24th July with the $3,300 Final on Wednesday, 31st July.
*Nominations for the Heats close on Friday, 19th July with GRSA at 9.00am.*

Further dates for GOTBA Coursing. The Club normally has around 10 meetings programmed per season from April to October.

Sunday July 14 – 70 nominations with a mix of 4 and 8 dog events
Sunday August 11
Sunday September 8
Sunday September 22 – Oaks, Derby and Waterloo Cup
Sunday October 6

The GCA National Championships are just around the corner. The National Finals this year will be held locally at Angle Park and are to be conducted on Saturday, 24th August.
Both the National Sprint and National Distance Finals are at Group 1 level worth $85,000 to the winner.
The State series’ for SA will be held at Angle Park on Thursday, 1st August for the Sprint Heats over 530m with the State Final of the Sprint and one-off Final over 730m of the Distance on Thursday, 8th August.
In an effort to support this series ALL States will be conducting their Finals on the same night to be run within a two hour period.
• Nominations will close at the normal time with GRSA which will be at 9am on Monday, 29th July 

A reminder to all trainers of the clause which requires a greyhound to have been domiciled in South Australia for a period of not less than 76 days out of the 150 days immediately prior to the nomination closing date to be eligible to represent SA.

For the Sprint series going back is on Wednesday, 15th May 2024. 
For the Distance due to South Australia running as a one off final going back is on Wednesday, 22nd May 2024. 
If unsure of a greyhound’s status, please contact the GRSA grading staff.

The National Straight Track Championship this year will be held locally at Murray Bridge on Saturday morning, 24th August with around $28,000 to the winner – so all the National Finals will be held on the same day. This year SA will have two SA dogs represent the State in the series with QLD, NSW, VIC and SA challenging for the title.
With the Straight Track series being in SA with the circle and the other States, our Heats will be held at Murray Bridge on Tuesday, 6th August with our Final on Tuesday, 13th August. Prizemoney for the SA Straight track Final will be $10,000 to the winner aligned with the other three States.

It is important that trainers are aware that these series’ for the circle and straight track are run around the same time so please be mindful of this when nominating and the qualifying criteria.
• Nominations close with GRSA at 9am on Friday, 2nd August (this will allow the opportunity if greyhounds get run out over the 530m in the Heats for the Sprint series a chance to nominate for the Straight)

A reminder to all trainers of the clause which requires a greyhound to have been domiciled in South Australia for a period of not less than 76 days out of the 150 days immediately prior to the nomination closing date to be eligible to represent SA, which going back is on Sunday, 19th May 2024. If unsure of a greyhound’s status, please contact the GRSA grading staff.

•    Full 2024 Conditions of Nomination for both the GCA National Sprint and Distance Championships Series and the GCA National Straight Track Championship Series are available on the GRSA website.

Greyhound Racing South Australia (GRSA) announced the introduction of Tuesday night meetings at Angle Park, which started a few weeks ago.  The Tuesday night meetings are designed to meet demand, providing more racing opportunities for lower class greyhounds within SA. 
The meetings will be time graded, with 10 races of six dog fields. The meetings will operate in tandem with Saturday morning race meetings which will target greyhounds of the same class with the racing distance at both race meetings restricted to 342m. Excess nominations are currently received for Saturday morning meetings.  The Tuesday meetings will provide a further outlet for greyhounds that are nominated for the Saturday mornings and are not provided with a starting opportunity. Greyhounds falling into this category will be granted preference rights if nominated for the subsequent Tuesday night meeting.

With Saturday morning and Tuesday night meetings being restricted to 342m nominations, opportunities for 530m time graded greyhounds will be programmed for other Angle Park dates. Trainers are encouraged to familiarise themselves with the details for the Tuesday night meetings, changes to the Saturday morning meetings and updated trialling times for Angle Park.

• GRSA allow one extra Grade 6 over another distance for City A Thursday meetings bringing this into line with all tracks in SA. 
• GRSA removed the condition where once a greyhound has won a Grade 5 or higher event on a City A meeting that the greyhound will lose all Grade 6 events at all other tracks. This means a greyhound could be a Grade 4 or Grade 3 over 530m on a Thursday City A meeting and will still be able to win Grade 6 events at other tracks. 
• GRSA allow a greyhound after winning a Grade 5 Masters event in faster time than the time standard to get back Into Masters with 2 runs in a Grade 5 at the track and distance, it doesn’t matter if they are placed or unplaced just so long as there are two starts out of Masters. This was changed from being just unplaced to get back.