Experience Iconic South Australia this August at the Nationals

South Australia is excited to be hosting the Nationals in August and we are thrilled to announce that we are now taking registrations for events across the week.

You can register online for all events by heading to the below link where you also view the PDF brochure detailing all the week's festivities.



If you have any questions or queries, please don't hesitate to contact the GRSA team via email on [email protected]

 Conditions for the Sprint, Distance and Straight Track Championships can be downloaded below:

 NATIONAL SPRINT AND DISTANCE CONDITIONS  National straight track condition



The Racing Managers on Thursday 27th June 2024 from the States that have a qualifying series for the National Straight Track Championship (NSW, QLD, VIC and SA) met to discuss the published rules for the eligibility of the series. The first part refers to 76 days out of 150 days being domiciled in that state where the series is taking place however if a greyhound does not qualify under that domiciliary condition, it would revert back to where the greyhound was first named. This would mean that greyhounds named in WA, Tasmania and Northern Territory (whist none bred in NT for a number of years) would not be eligible for a series if they do not reach the 76 day clause in a state that holds a series.

The Managers considered Rule 10 in the conditions which could allow for the host state (SA this year) to make a determination regarding eligibility outside of the 76 days clause. As the Nationals move between the 4 states each year it was best to get all Managers from those Jurisdictions to discuss and agree to a consistent position of eligibility for these greyhounds. After a number of things were discussed, it was agreed that these greyhounds would not be eligible if they do not meet the 76 days clause as any greyhound is required to do for the states that conducted the Straight Track series. The 76 days out of 150 days has been a standing condition for a number of years and with the conditions having been published and trainers having made a choice about their greyhound regarding the domiciliary clause, all Jurisdictions believed it would not be reasonable to introduce a further clause.